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Old Time Hockey Release Date Revealed

Zany and crazy titles of licensed sports have died off these past years. Gone are the days of NBA Jam and NFL Street in their prominence. The only full, retail releases we have for sports games are simulations. That’s why when V7 Entertainment announced Old Time Hockey, our nostalgia meters went off the charts. Not only will the game of ice hockey be about scoring goals but a return of messing people up in hilarious fashion. Thanks to a newly released video uploaded today, we’ll be able to do all this on March 28th. You can check out that video above.

The developer also released the full team list you’ll be able to select from and a quick tidbit on each one. All of that can be found below. Even though the end of March is looking quite insane for video game releases, we’ll power through it and give you our opinion on Old Time Hockey when the time comes.

Cascadia Timber Cats – INDEPENDENT STATE OF MIND. The Cascadia Timer Cats are based in Seattle, Washington. The Timber Cats were originally called the Seattle Chuckanuts and were the farm team of the historic Vancouver Urbanites.
Charlestown Stonemasons – NEW ENGLAND, STAND UP! The Charlestown Stonemasons are based in Charlestown, Massachusetts and are the most recent expansion team of the BHL. The Stonemasons’ management is unanimously hated by all general managers of the BHL due to the secrecy with which they conduct their business.
Cobalt Silvers – EASTERN ONTARIO REPRESENT. The Cobalt Silvers are based in Ontario’s Most Historic Town – Cobalt. The team was founded by miners with newfound gains from silver rushing and was once the richest team in the BHL.

Fort Edward Bluenosers – WHERE HOCKEY WAS BORN. The Fort Edward Bluenosers are based in the National Historic Site of Canada – Windsor, Nova Scotia. The Bluenosers’ founders played a pivotal role in developing the game from Ice Hurley to Ice Hockey as we know it today.
Long Island Rumrunners – LONG ISLAND ALWAYS STRONG! The Long Island Rumrunners are based in Long Island, New York and was established during the Prohibition era by the owners of various speakeasies on the Island.
Moose Jaw Farmhands – WELCOME TO THE JAW. The Moose Jaw Farmhands are based in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and represent Hockey’s roots on the farm.
Portage Lake Widowmakers – WHERE COPPER MEETS FIRE. The Portage Lake Widowmakers are based in Houghton, Michigan, the heart of Copper Country. Portage Lake, along with Cobalt, is credited as the birthplace of professional hockey.
Quebec Voyous – ALLEZ LEZ BEAUCERONS. Les Voyous de Québec sont situés dans la région historique de la Beauce au Québec. Les Voyous de Quebec are based in the historical Beauce region of Quebec and are notoriously known for not providing a safe stadium environment for English speaking fans!
Schuylkill Hinto Brews – WELCOME TO THE SKOOK. The Schuylkill Hinto Brews are based in Pottsville, Pennsylvania and are sponsored by the local brewery “The Hinto Brewing Company.”

Warroad Ice Anglers – WHERE WE BLEED HOCKEY. The Warroad Ice Anglers are based in Warroad, Minnesota and are one of the original two teams of the BHL. Warroad has a legendary status as the first town where real Hockey was played.

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V7 Entertainment Press Release

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