On the Road PS4 Update 1.05 Fixes Over 1000 Issues

On the Road – Truck Simulator has the distinction of being one of the worst games we’ve played this year. But, it’s slowly improved with updates, but will it ever reach “good” status?

On the Road – Truck Simulator has a new update on PS4 and Xbox One, and the update is version 1.05. The update is a total of 1.18GB, so not too much. However, the update itself fixes over 1000 issues. Granted, most of those are with AI and spawning (see the notes below) but it’s still a lot of issues to be fixing, isn’t it? Maybe the game wouldn’t have been reviewed so harshly had it released with more of these update already applied?

On the Road – Truck Simulator Update Version 1.05 Patch Notes

  • Visibility of park markings/triggers at companies improved
  • Disembarking from the vehicle is easier, park brake is applied automatically
  • Added boardcomputers
  • Increased min amount of transported goods
  • GPS device shows only the remaining parts of the route
  • Sleep Mode can only be activated when the vehicle is parked
  • Reduced CPU load of several scripts
  • Further GPS device optimisations
  • REsolved several memory and savegame related issues
  • Current time is displayed in the driver info window
  • Distance to the current target is shown in the driver info window
  • Fixed more than 500 AI/GPS path related issues in ~100 sectors
  • Fixed more than 600AI spawning issues in ~120 sectors
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