On The Road: Truck Simulator PS4 Update 1.04 Released, Patch Notes Detail Fixes and Tweaks

On The Road: Truck Simulator has a new update today that aims to improve the game by fixing some bugs and making tweaks to the game.

The latest update for On The Road is here and it’s version 1.04 on PS4. The update is a heavy one, too, with the update taking up just over 4GB of hard drive space. Is it worth it? Probably not. The last update didn’t really improve the game – if anything, it made it worse. I’m not holding out hope that this one is any better.

On The Road: Truck Simulator PS4 Update 1.04 Patch Notes

  • Fixed corrupted collision data at Unna
  • Reworked traffic AI behaviours and obstacle avoidance
  • Reduced risk of level streaming issues
  • Reduced performance impact when owning many vehicles
  • Fixed missing focus making some message boxes inaccessible
  • Fixed several AI paths
  • Limited number of allowed assignments to prevent performance regressions
  • Added additional throttle/brake tap to switch between forward and reverse gears
  • Reduced CPU load of several scripts
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