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On the Road – Truck Simulator Update 1.01 Fixes Graphics and Bugs on PS4

On the Road – Truck Simulator may not be the truck sim that we all hoped for, but at least the developers aren’t throwing in the towel right away. In fact, the game hasn’t even released yet for PS4 and Xbox One, yet the developer is already putting out updates to deliver as smooth of an experience as possible. The game releases on February 11th, 2021.

The first update for the game is 1.01 and it brings some translation fixes, texture updates, and some bug fixes. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to turn the game around, but maybe with a bit of time and a few more updates? One can hope…

On the Road – Truck Simulator Update 1.01 Patch Notes

  • Updates to French and Spanish translations with proper terms
  • Minor UI changes in places where translated terms were too long
  • Minor adjustment to the game start process in order to make it more streamlined
  • Fixed a physics-related bug when resetting or unassigning vehicles
  • Fixed two minor A.I pathfinding related issues
  • Increased overall exposure
  • Added option to activate wing mirrors at user risk
  • Tweaked several vehicle-related textures

I recently reviewed On the Road – Truck Simulator on PS4 and PS5 and… well, I wasn’t impressed. But that’s just me. I’ve no doubt that some will enjoy it. You can find out why in the review here, or watch the video below.

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