One Piece Gold Movie DLC Arriving In Burning Blood

One Piece Gold Movie DLC Arriving In Burning Blood

Bandai Namco sure has been busy this past week with all its anime based video games. Arriving sometime in August will be One Piece Gold DLC for One Piece: Burning Blood. The downloadable content will feature Gildo Tesora as a playable character. He is the antagonist of the upcoming film previously mentioned and runs a giant, casino-like ship that hides sinister intentions. There will also be three costumes from the movie and one customized HUD as apart of the pack. Later in September, three more costumes from the film will release as well.

One Piece Gold will release to Japanese audiences on July 23rd. It’s highly unlikely it will make its way to theaters stateside and the dub/sub of the film won’t arrive until its on Blu-ray. One Piece: Burning Blood on the other hand is available right now.

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