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ONE PUNCH MAN: A Hero Nobody Knows Punching into a Closed Beta Next Month

Bandai Namco announced a closed beta for ONE PUNCH MAN: A Hero Nobody Knows, and the sign-up form is open now. The “Strength Test” will run from November 1 – November 3, and YOU NEED TO SIGN UP BY OCTOBER 16! That’s today. Yeah, there’s not much lead time for this, or I just missed this news a while back. Oh, well.

To complete the form, you will have to give some information. They want your name and email address. Pretty standard stuff. They also want your consent to have your “gameplay data collected and processed to improve the gameplay experience”. Finally, they ask if you’ll be willing to provide written feedback about the gameplay. If you answer yes to those simple questions, sign up.

We don’t know exactly what the beta will include, but the trailer shows the game will include 3v3 battles with your favorite characters. You can also make your own character, and it looks like you try to get Saitama to make you his disciple. In your quest to be a great hero, you will complete missions with “a wide variety of conditions”. I know what it means, but the wording seems weird somehow.

The closed beta is coming soon, but we’ll have to wait for the full game until sometime next year. Maybe we’ll get a season three of the anime too.

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