Onee Chanbara Origin Brings Remade Zombie Slaying to PS4, PC on October 14th; Trailer and Screenshots Inside


D3 Publisher Inc has announced that it will be releasing Onee Chanbara Origin in North America and Europe on October 14th for PS4 and PC.

Onee Chanbara Origin is a complete HD remake of the first two Onechanbara games, but with an all-new cell-shaded art style, redesigned characters, and a new interpretation of the original stories told with the games’ original release on PS2.

D3 Publisher Inc has done us a solid and shopped over a huge gallery of screenshots and character images, as well as a brand new trailer. Just, er, be careful watching it around kids, as well as older folk who just don’t get anime. You can find the images down below after the game’s description.

Onee Chanbara Origin follows the zombie-hunters, Aya and Saki’s fate into destroying each other and leads into the second of the series, The Onechanbara 2. After the sisters overcome their cruel fate in killing one another, they overcome their rivalry against one another and ally together to depart on their journey of finding their father, Oboro, after he leaves behind a message that names Eva as the mastermind behind his wife’s death and all of the chaos that ensued between the two sisters, including the vice that made Saki insane and hell-bent on avenging her mother. Little do they know they are coming even closer to the truth and their true enemy.

Play as a zombie hunter and battle through the stages with high-speed real-time swordplay, completing objectives and tasks while hacking and brawling through hordes of the Undead. Each character’s weapons become progressively covered in blood as players fight off zombies in gruesome detail. Occasionally, players may even transform into demons for short bursts of added power and energy with the downside cost of life energy. Each zombie hunter has her own unique abilities, and skillful play is rewarded for cooler combinations. Players can enjoy the game with full English voice-acting or play through with the original Japanese performances with English subtitles.


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