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Oninaki Demo Available Now

If you’ve been a fan of past games from Tokyo RPG Factory (I Am Setsuna and Lost Sphere), then you should give the Oninaki demo a try today. The developers are promising a game and world that is a little different, but it contains a thread to their other games. The world of Oninaki is one in which everyone knows that you live, die, and are reincarnated into a new life (something the prophet Tom Cruise already showed us). Most people aren’t sad, and even being sad can keep the soul of the one you love from being reincarnated.

As Kagatchi the Watcher, you help those lost souls move on to a new life. You battle by using Daemons that you acquire throughout the game, and each one has special abilities that can be upgraded. They offer different play styles and uses. The first one is Aisha. She uses a sword and close combat abilities. Zaav, the second Daemon, uses a spear and Meteor ability for more ranged combat. Once you complete the demo, you can try the battle mode. It opens up four Daemons for you to try and more will be included in the full game.

Although it’s becoming the norm, it’s still nice to see that any progress you make in the Oninaki demo will carry over to the full game when it launches on August 22nd. You can check out some additional details from the game’s creative director, Takashi Tokita, on the PlayStation Blog, and I’ve added a trailer at the top and a few screenshots for you to get a feel for the visual style and gameplay.

If nothing else, give the demo a try. It’s available now on PSN.


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