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Only 6,000 Copies of Owlboy Limited Edition Planned, Flies Out in July

Owlboy Limited Edition

Owlboy has already proven itself as a digital download. Now due to praise and demand, the platform-adventure game will be hitting store shelves at the end of this month thanks to the folks at Soedesco. But in addition to the bog standard release, there will also be an Owlboy Limited Edition for those fans who want a little more in the box than just a disc.

The Limited Edition option is beginning to become a permanent feature of launches, from big triple A titles to impressive indies. And they range in content from cutesy sticker cards to die cast figurines. Some are worth the extra cost, others are a bargain, and a few are an obvious money grab.

We can’t say which camp the Owlboy Limited Edition will fall into as a price is still to be announced. But one thing we can say is that it’s certainly not lacking in the content department. In addition to the game, each box will contain:

  • Certificate of Authenticity with a unique Limited Edition number
  • Original Soundtrack, physical copy featuring the majestic sounds of Owlboy
  • Notebook for logging all your adventures
  • Manual full of useful information about the game
  • Two pins, one of the Owlboy logo and one of main character Otus
  • Two metal coins inspired by the collectible Buccanary coins in the game
  • Pin Box to safely store your pins and coins
  • Sticker sheet with seventeen magnificent Owlboy stickers

Only 6,000 copies of the limited edition will be available to buy worldwide so competition will be stiff. And pre-ordering is yet to go live, which doesn’t help matters. But we do know that it will go on sale July 13th. We’ll update you with price and pre-ordering details as and when they are shared.

Are you a fan of Owlboy? Or are you waiting on a Parrotgirl? Hoot a comment into the box below. 

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