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Onrush May Be the Closest We Get to A Multiplayer Burnout

Imagine MotorStorm, Burnout, and Mario Kart shared a drunken night together. The resulting racer baby might be Onrush, and it looks like it takes after daddy/mommy Burnout the most. Then imagine those three games decided to be the gaming equivalents of Tom Selleck, Ted Danson, and Steve Guttenberg who work together to raise that baby and try to earn the most points. Excited? Confused? Yes.

We’ll get there, but it’s time for some car talk. In a new trailer today, you can see all eight cars featured in Onrush. Think of each car like a class with different abilities, traits, and ways to earn Rush, which is essentially a resource to boost your speed.

For example, the Interceptor looks like the unmarked cop car that has been converted into a dangerous off-road racer. Earning Rush is easy. Takedown anyone who gets in your way, or drive your car with a bunch of near misses. Flirting with destruction is your cup of tea.

Your ability is Surge. Boosting is more powerful, but it uses more Rush initially for a risk/reward. Each vehicle is a little different, so your personal preferences and strategy will come into play.

Since Onrush is a team game, some cars’ abilities will help you or hurt the other team. There are no real finish lines in Onrush, so working together and earning points is critical to winning. Knocking the other team’s cars off the road helps too.

Still on the fence? Did throwing some vague analogies to Three Men and a Baby not give you ultimate clarity? No problem. There is a beta coming in May that will give you some time behind the wheel. We also recommend this video from Eurogamer to better understand the mechanics and modes.

If you prefer your games to be like your lovers (digital, of course), pre-ordering the Digital Deluxe Edition will give you new black and gold skins for each of your eight cars, exclusive artwork, and exclusive track tombstones. It will also give you early beta access.

Onrush looks like a multiplayer Burnout, but it is something all its own. We look forward to giving the beta a try next month, and we will give you our final verdict when Onrush releases on June 5th.

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