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ONRUSH Open Beta Starts Next Week

ONRUSH is an arcade, multiplayer racing game, and you will have a chance to try it for free next week. There is an open beta starting on May 17th, and it will give you a decent taste of the speed and fury in the full game. The races start at 2 p.m. BST (9 a.m. EST) on May 17, and the checkered flag will waive at 10 a.m. BST (5 a.m. EST) on May 20th. If you pre-order, you can start on May 15th.

The beta will have both single player and multiplayer content. In addition to the tutorial, you can jump into Superstar Practice and race against the AI or grab some friends to race in The Stampede 6v6 multiplayer.

The year of photomode continues, and ONRUSH will let you take some pictures in Superstar Practice. Just like that girl on Facebook who has twenty selfies showing her trying on outfits in the mirror, you can only use the photomode while alone. There will be filters and tools to make sure you get that perfect action shot.

The beta will feature two tracks, four different cars, two game modes, and races during different times of day or seasons. You can unlock crashtags and tombstones for the final game, so your progress will not go unrewarded.

ONRUSH is a different type of racer that appears to be influenced by Motorstorm, Burnout, and Twisted Metal Black. That sounds pretty good. We will be jumping behind the wheel next week for the start of the open beta on May 17th to see if our impressions match with the actual gameplay.


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