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Open-World MMORPG Black Desert is Out Now on PS4, New Live-Action Teaser Trailer Released

If you’ve sat on and watched in envy as PC and Xbox One players have gotten stuck into Black Desert, then look on no more, because from today you’ll be able to get stuck into the action for yourself.

Yes, Black Desert is finally out on PS4. The open-world MMORPG (try saying that with a mouth full of Cheerios) has finally made its way to PS4, and with it are three launch edition of the game. You can get stuck in with either the standard edition, deluxe edition, or ultimate edition. The standard is, as the name suggests, standard. The remaining two editions each come with in-game bonuses.

Black Desert is a fantasy roleplaying game where you can choose from one of six classes, including Warrior, Ranger, Sorceress, Berserker, Wizard, and Witch, though the developer has stated that more classes will be released in the future.

“Launching on the PlayStation 4 marks an important milestone for our company and the game’s continued expansion into new territories, fulfilling player needs for a strong MMORPG on console system,” said Robin Jung, Chief Executive Officer of Pearl Abyss.
“We’re launching on a strong note and will maintain a steady drumbeat of regular content expansions to make Black Desert the best action MMORPG available in the world.”
Our Kyle Durant is busy being his “true self” in Black Desert, and so he’ll have his review written up soon if you’re looking for a bit of guidance on whether Black Desert is worth your time and money. Hey, it’s been played by over 20 million people so far. 20 million people can’t be wrong, can they? Oh. They can.

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