Operencia: The Stolen Sun Dungeon Crawls to a March 31st Release Date

Operencia: The Stolen Sun Dungeon Crawls to a March 31st Release Date

Operencia: The Stolen Sun is a game that has its roots in old-school, first-person dungeon crawlers. The world of Operencia is in trouble. The Sun King, Napkir√°ly, has been kidnapped, and that’s a problem for more than just people who want a tan. Monsters are everywhere, and it’s up to a group of heroes to use steel and magic combined with wits to free the Sun King while killing an army of monsters, solving puzzles, and facing the occasional boss along the way.

That’s enjoyable enough, but the game is pulling from Central European mythology to create this world. As the press release I’m reading is quick to point out, we don’t often see these influences in our games, and Hungary is specifically mentioned. There are the usual castles and forests in the game, but it pulls from other locations you can visit, albeit with some twists. There is also Atilla the Hun and Reka, his wife.

I’m glad the developer chose to go with unconventional mythology, but the game is unconventionally made. Zen Studios is handling this one. They are the team behind the pinball games and the many, many tables in DLC. This is a big departure for them, and they seem to be branching out into other genres this year.

According to review scores, that gamble has paid off. Those filthy heathens on Xbox (I’m joking, of course) already have the game, and it’s received positive reviews with an 82 on Metacritic. Since it’s releasing almost a year later, let’s hope that time has been spent polishing the game to a lustrous shine. Dungeon crawlers are few and far between these days, so this may be a refreshing return to the past.

To make your purchasing decision easier, I’ll put the announcement trailer at the top with some screenshots below last year’s launch trailer for even more variety. We’ve been watching this game since 2018, and it’s good to see it finally making its way to the PS4.

Operencia: The Stolen Sun releases March 31.

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