Oscar Isaac Sneaks Into Role of Snake in Metal Gear Solid Movie

Deadline is reporting that Oscar Isaac will play Solid Snake, the grizzled veteran who wants to know if you can find love on the battlefield. The upcoming film adaptation of Metal Gear Solid is in production at Sony Pictures, but there is no date for when actual filming will begin due to everyone’s favorite social gathering killer and Isaac’s busy schedule.

Let’s take a look at who’s running this thing, and all of the info for anyone associated with the film has been pulled from IMDB.com. Isaac’s past film roles include the recent Star Wars movies, the cool Ex Machina, and the upcoming Dune remake. He’s a good actor, so, as long as they give him good material, he has a good shot of bringing the character to life.

The director is Jordan Vogt-Roberts, and his resume is not as well known to me. His most recent credit on IMDB.com is directing some episodes of You’re The Worst, which is a brilliant show, but not exactly the same as this big production. He did also direct Kong: Skull Island, Cocked, and Nick Offerman: American Ham along with a lot of other smaller projects.

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The writer is Derek Connolly. He wrote Kong: Skull Island, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker, Pokemon Detective Pikachu, and Safety Not Guaranteed. He’s definitely written a few big movies, but you’ll need to make up your own mind on whether you are excited for him to be the scribe on this one.

Avi Arad is producing, and, as I said, we have no idea when this is will finally come to a theater or streaming service near you. Solid Snake has been a beloved character for over two decades. Like any game delay, take as long as you need. Just don’t mess this one up.


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