Othercide Developers Talk About Art Direction and Inspiration in Web Series Episode 1

In a new developer diary, Lightbulb Crew gives us a look at the upcoming horror-inspired, strategic game Othercide, and talks about some of the decisions they made in development. One of the biggest is the art style, and it’s a bleak kind of gorgeous with some striking designs. They discuss the need for indie developers to make their game stand out, and this was one of the ways to make it immediately recognizable. Part of that is also to make sure the Daughters are the only color in the world.

The characters in the game are more than what they seem, and you’ll see that as you play. The Daughters are aspects of the same person. This female warrior has existed for a very long time, and she fights monsters that feed on human emotions and ideas. The Child is another character in the game, and it had a terrible life. The inspiration for the Child draws from the real-life of Alexandre Chaudret, the game’s art director. He had a rare illness that almost left him paralyzed when he was eighteen.

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The influences for the game are from all over the world. There is plenty from Western media, but a hearty dose of Japanese pop culture is incorporated as well. As far as games, the devs mention Silent Hill and Nier Automata. Shoot for the moon, guys.

We are promised a second episode covering gameplay and mechanics soon. For now, check out the screenshots and trailer to see the art style in action. Othercide is coming to the PS4 on July 28th.

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