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Othercide Gameplay Trailer Shows Tactics and Consequences

Othercide has a striking look, and you can see more of it in action in the latest gameplay trailer. It starts with an overview of combat. All of your battles against the forces of suffering will take place in the inter-dimensional Dark Corner. This little pocket of nightmares is the battleground for the daughters you have chosen. Each of these daughters is a descendant of the greatest warrior, and they have been fighting for a very long time.

The battles are tactical and turn-based, but it’s a very different system. The Dynamic Timeline at the bottom of the screen shows the turn order, but you can manipulate it. You can speed up an ally’s turn or delay an enemy’s turn. If you want to avoid obliteration, you’ll have to become good at managing this turn order. You can also set up attacks using “reactions” from other daughters to form a chain of damage. It’s a system that appears to reward thinking ahead a few moves.

As you’ll soon realize, dying is a part of the game, and death is required to become stronger. Healing a daughter requires you to sacrifice another daughter. Repeated runs will result in more death, but there is strength to be gained from your loss. You’ll unlock new skills, and you can customize those skills with more damage or added defense. Your characters gain traits as they fight that influence how they will act. The multiple combat systems appear to be woven together in some unique ways.

Othercide is clearly designed for gamers who want to overcome a punishing difficulty through determination and wit. Even if I might lack both, the designs look incredible, and the game’s style of black and white worlds with red accents on the daughters is very interesting. If you find yourself drawn into Othercide’s world, you can play it on July 28th.

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