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Out Now: Adventure Game Pine Brings Tough Decisions to PS4 Today

Open-world adventure, but is it pine fresh?

Pine by Dutch development outfit Twirlbound may have flown under the radar, but it should definitely show up on the PlayStation Store today.

Developer Twirlbound and publisher Kongregate are celebrating today as they have released the adventure-sim game, Pine, on PS4 after the game’s initial release on PC and Nintendo Switch. Better late than never, eh?

Pine puts players in the adventurous boots of Hue, a young chap who has to explore the world of Albamare and help find his tribe a new place to call home. It’s not an easy task and it’s made harder by the different species living in the game’s world. You’ll have to buddy up and trade to succeed, but sometimes you’ll have no choice but to fight.

It’s a nice-looking game, that much is obvious, but I’ll hold off proper judgement until the review is in front of my Editor Eyes. I have a feeling I’ll be doing this one myself anyway…

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