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Out This Week: The Outer Worlds, Modern Warfare and MediEvil Lead the Way to Halloween Week

There are some big releases this week on PS4, with Call of Duty making its annual appearance and Sir Dan rising from his long slumber in the MediEvil remake. There’s even a new PSVR game coming out, too, for those looking for another reason to shun this harsh reality in place of the virtual one.

The big one on everybody’s lips, though, has got to be Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds. The famed developer behind Fallout: New Vegas and one of the few RPGs I’ll actually sit and play: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2, will be under scrutiny this week with what could be its last release on Sony platforms. If you weren’t aware, Obsidian got bought by Microsoft and is now part of the Redmond-based firm’s first-party lineup. Great news for Xbox players, not so great for PS4 players. Let’s make the most it then, shall we?

Here’s what’s coming this week:

Battle Planet – Judgement Day – PS4 – October 24th (Review here.)

Beholder 2 – PS4 – October 22nd

Bonfire – PSVR – October 22nd

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – PS4 – October 25th

Cat Quest II – PS4 – October 24th (Review here soon!)

Dark Devotion – PS4 – October 24th

Deep Space Adventure – PS4/PS Vita – October 24th

Door Kickers: Action Squad – PS4 – October 24th (Review here!)

Eastshade – PS4 – October 22nd (Review here.)

Horror Stories – PS4 – October 22nd

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III – PS4 – October 22nd

Let’s Sing Country – PS4 – October 25th

Lonely Mountains: Downhill – PS4 – October 23rd

Lornsword Winter Chronicle – PS4 – October 23rd

MediEvil – PS4 – October 25th

Minotaur Arcade Vol. 1 – PS4/PSVR – October 21st

The Outer Worlds – PS4 – October 25th (Review coming on the 22nd!)

PBA Pro Bowling – PS4 – October 22nd

Raging Loop – PS4 – October 22nd

Robox – PS4 – October 25th

Street Outlaws: The List – PS4 – October 22nd

WWE 2K20 – PS4 – October 22nd

Yoga Master – PS4 – October 23rd

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