Out Today: Be the Next Kojima in Mad Games Tycoon on PS4

Do you often spend more time wishing you could be running a video game studio instead of actually playing games? Mad Games Tycoon might be for you, then, you bloody weirdo.

Toplitz Productions has today released the first video game tycoon game available on PS4, unless I’m mistaken. I don’t think I am, but you never really know. Either way, it’s the first time I’ve heard of a video game tycoon game for PS4.

It seems similar to other games of its ilk; you’ll start a game studio from scratch, gradually investing in your business with new technologies, better employees, and even better work offices. You’ll start out in the garage, but do well enough and you’ll find yourself running an office from a skyscraper. The dream!

  • Start a Game Development Studio and develop and market games in any combination of over 15 genres with nearly 200 sub-categories
  • Explore over 40 technologies (e.g. graphics, sound, control) and create your own game engines as a basis for your games, or license them to other development houses
  • Produce a next-generation game console that puts everything else on the market to shame
  • Set up your studio – from the proverbial backyard garage without heating – to modern skyscrapers with server farms for your grand-scale MMO’s
  • Expand your workforce – hire both “green” programmers and development legends – then staff departments like testing, marketing, sound, and graphics with the best people
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