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Out Today: BoxVR Scores a Knockout With PSVR Retail Release


Feeling a little flabby around the midriff? Struggling to beat the stairs? You need to get in shape, mate. Luckily for you, you can get in shape without having to go to the gym, thanks to BoxVR and its retail release on PS4/PSVR today.

You can start your health kick by getting off your arse and walking to the shops to get a copy, rather than ordering it online. Though it is cold out… And it’s getting darker earlier so… There’s no harm in buying online, so long as you actually play the game once it arrives.

BoxVR is less of a game and more of a fitness app. It plays out a little like Beat Saber, in that you punch and jab at different coloured blobs as they fly towards you, all to the pulsing beat of some up-tempo music. That may not sound like much, but believe me when I say that you’ll be panting for breath after ten minutes, and soaking in your own sweat after 20.

We reviewed BoxVR earlier this year when it released on the PlayStation Store. Jeremy, the reviewer in this instance, loved the game and gave it one of the highest scores possible. I picked it up based on Jeremy’s review, and I’ve been sweating ever since.

You can pick up BoxVR at retail stores today, or you can order online via Amazon.

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