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Out Today: Co-op Plataformer Biped Strolls onto PS4

Local multiplayer games are, thankfully, making something of a comeback, but we’re still not seeing many games that are made especially for that purpose. Biped is one of those rarities, though, and it’s out today on PS4.

We recently played and reviewed Biped on PS4, and found it to be a decent co-op game that’s worth playing if you’ve got a second pair of helping hands. However, it falls short as a single-player experience. It really was made for two players, so bear that in mind before you plonk down the cash. Speaking of, it’s a fairly cheap and cheerful game, too, coming in at just over a tenner in all regions.

To celebrate the game’s release, the developer has released a brand new trailer for the game, and it’s more of an extended play than a regular trailer. It’s worth a watch, though, and if you grab yourself a cuppa you can watch the full seven-minute gameplay trailer below, and then give our a review a read through here, or watch our video review up above.

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