Out Today: Cris Tales, Akiba’s Trip, Cotton Reboot, and Ender Lilies

There are a few notable new games out today on PS4 and PS5, but which ones will you be picking up, if any?

There’s more than enough releasing this week to keep us all busy throughout the summer, but what’s out today?

The much-hyped Cris Tales leads the pack with a release on PS5 and PS4. Our Stuart spent his weekend of legally enforced isolation playing and reviewing the game. He liked it. The game. Not the isolation. Give his Cris Tales review a read and let him know it wasn’t for nothing, and give the launch trailer a watch if you need some audio/visual hype juice. Check out how long it takes to finish Cris Tales, too, if you’re worried about it being too much of a time-sink.

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Akiba’s Trip: Hellbound & Debriefed is perhaps the other big game of the day, at least for fans of the strange Japanese series. This one actually started life as a PSP exclusive and never left the shores of Japan after releasing in 2012. Now, a decade later, the game has been remastered for PS4 and according to our Megan Smith, it’s good, if a little weird.

Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights and Cotton Reboot round out the rest of today’s new games. Seeing as we haven’t reviewed them, I won’t be wasting time or space writing more about them. Can’t be that good if we haven’t touched them, right?

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