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Out Today: Eclipse: Edge of Light Crash Lands on PS4, PSVR

Looking for another excuse to cut yourself off from the world and ignore the family for a few hours? Great, because Eclipse: Edge of Light releases today on PS4 and PSVR, though the latter is optional, but more effective at blocking out the family. Just my tip.

Eclipse: Edge of Light has finally made it’s way to PS4 and PSVR, and if you don’t have a PSVR headset then you can play the game on a traditional TV.

The game, developed by a few industry veterans who’ve also worked on a little series called God of War, takes players to a sentient planet filled with alien wonder and the remains of a long gone civilisation. Your job is to find out what happened by tinkering with ancient alien technology, exploring ruins, and jumping around like a wally in your spacesuit that comes equipped with a jetpack.

This new release comes with some extra features that you wint find in the original release, like free locomotion, meaning you wint have to fiddle with teleportation controls. Theres also the option to play in non-VR mode on PS4, which is nice if you just want to sit and play without faffing around with wires and what not.


  • 3+ hours of gameplay

  • Full locomotion – No more teleporting!

  • Original soundtrack throughout

  • Truly experience an alien world for the very first time

Eclipse: Edge of Light is out now on PS4, PSVR via the PlayStation Store as a digital download.

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