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Out Today: Gigantosaurus: The Game Brings Hit Disney Dino Show to PS4

Kids locked up, sending you up the wall? It happens, and it’s happening for most of us right now. There’s only so much arts and crafts one can do before throwing the little ones in front of a screen and admitting defeat. However, with Gigantosaurus: The Game, you’ll be able to entertain the kids while having a bit of fun yourself, and it’s kind of educational, so you shouldn’t feel too bad about it.

Today marks the release of Gigantosaurus: The Game, by way of Outright Games, Cyber Group Studios, and Bandai Namco Entertainment. To celebrate the release we’ve got a brand new launch trailer and a bunch of screenshots, as well as a few words from the people behind this colourful adventure.

I actually got the chance to play an early build of the game and I came away impressed. Colourful, childish games are my speciality, so you can bet your bottom dino egg that I’ll be spending the weekend with this one. You can read my preview impressions through here.

“We have always been committed to creating the highest quality video games possible and ensuring they tie-in expertly to the story-world of the source material,” said Terry Malham CEO of Outright Games. “With “Gigantosaurus: The Game” this process has been easier than ever as Cyber Group Studios has been able to create a title that mirrors the world of the books and TV show perfectly.”

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“We have had high aspirations for this title from the beginning and wanted to ensure we captured the magic of our premier animated show,” commented Thierry Braille, Vice President Interactive and Videogame Division and DominiqueBourse COO Cyber Group Studios. “Working with Outright Games has allowed us to create something truly special that the whole family can enjoy together at home. With the launch of our first ever video game, we now have the opportunity for a brand-new audience to experience the world of Gigantosaurus for the first time ever.”

Gigantosaurus: The Game features lots of open-world exploration, puzzles, and even some Mario Kart-style racing, as well as local multiplayer for up to four players. Perfect for keeping multiple mucky fingers busy for a bit.

Gigantosaurus: The Game is out today on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. You can pick up your copy via the PlayStation Store, or grab a physical copy from Amazon, or whichever retailer your prefer. Best not to go outside, though…

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