Out Today: House Flipper is Hard Work on PS4, Launch Trailer is a DIY Montage

There’s nothing like coming home from a long day at work to… do more work? Honestly, I do that anyway with Pure PlayStation, but you could go down the same rabbit hole yourself with House Flipper which has released on PS4 today.

House Flipper tasks you with buying up broken-down houses, cleaning them up, sorting the electrics, tiling the bathrooms, and whatever else needs doing to make the space liveable before selling it off for a profit. If it sounds a lot like hard work, that’s because it is. People actually do this as a job, but you can do it just for fun, if grouting, sweeping, and hoovering up cockroaches is your idea of fun. If it is, get in touch. I’ve got a basement I’ve not stepped into for four years, you’ll love it.

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There’s a trailer up above giving you a quick look at House Flipper in action, and you can grab yourself a copy of the game from the PlayStation Store from today.

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