Out Today: Paper Beast is a Critically Acclaimed PSVR Hit From Another World Creator

With the majority of us being stuck indoors for the foreseeable future, it’s nice to see new game releases that will not only test our skills, but also give our minds a break from the world outside. Enter: Paper Beast.

Paper Beast for PSVR is out today and is brought to you by way of Pixel Reef, an independent game studio headed by none other than Eric Chahi, the same guy who developed the hit classic, Another World.

Paper Beast is a PSVR-only game, meaning you’ll need a PSVR headset to play. You’ll get two gameplay modes for your cash. The first is the story mode where you play as an explorer of an untouched land while co-operating with living creatures made of paper. You’ll also solve puzzles by bending the landscape to your will, and it’s a joy to see it in action, as you can see in the launch trailer up above.

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The next gameplay mode is Sandbox, and this is basically a playground where you can test and experiment, seeing how the inhabitants respond to your changes, all calculated in real-time by the deep physics engine that powers Paper Beast.

Paper Beast is available now on PSVR via the PlayStation Store.

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