Out Today: Race With Ryan and His Mates on PS4 (It’s Good!)

If you’re a parent looking for a way to keep the kids entertained this weekend without having to suffer the great outdoors or interacting with other parents, Race With Ryan might be the key to a nice weekend.

Race With Ryan is a kart racer featuring some YouTube kid called Ryan, and apparently kids all over the world love this lad because of his YouTube videos. Naturally, then, the game is aimed at kids. But, if you’re a curious adult and want to have a go with the tykes, it’s actually really good! I’m still yet to get my words into a review, but I can tell you ahead of time that it’s an alright racer and a step above the usual licensed crap we see on consoles these days.

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You can pick up the Race With Ryan game via retailers and the PlayStation Network from today.

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