Out Today: Rhythm n’ Bullets Definitive Edition is a PSVR Shooter With Style

rhythm n' bullets psvr

DB Creations brings arcade action to PSVR with Rhythm n’ Bullets Definitive Edition.

Fancy another reason to stick your head inside Sony’s PlayStation VR headset this summer? There are already a few good excuses for getting hot and sweaty but there’s another one out today in the form of Rhythm n’ Bullets Definitive Edition from Seattle-based indie outfit D.B Creations.

Rhythm n’ Bullets is an arcade shoot-em-up where you control two space ships – one in each hand with the PS Move controllers – and you use these ships to blast enemies to some pumping tunes away across the game’s various modes and levels.

There’s a full campaign mode as well as an endless mode with themed levels like a holiday forest, a wire-frame style retro level, a Japanese-inspired level, and more. And, of course, there’s an online leaderboard for players to chase high scores and compete with friends and strangers.

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If you want to take a break from the competitive side of the game, there’s also a Relax mode that lets you play without stress in your favourite levels to practice your starfighter combat skills. Just make sure you’ve got them Move wands charged up and ready to go.

The game is available for other VR headsets, too, but the PSVR version is labelled as the Definitive Edition for a good reason. This version features improved graphics, enhanced audio, a new retro-inspired level, a re-worked tutorial, unlockable ship skins, and a higher refresh rate to ensure the game plays super smooth.

Rhythm n’ Bullets is out now on PSVR, playable on PS4 and PS5. Our review will be ready soon, so check back here or on our YouTube channel to find out what we make of the game.

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