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Out Today: Separation is a Sensory Experience for PSVR

PSVR fans, heads up! There’s a brand new game out today for your sweaty headsets and it’s called Separation, and it comes by way of the one-man development house, Recluse Industries.

Separation is a PSVR-only game, so you’ll need a PSVR headset to play the game which is described as being an exploration game with puzzle-solving elements set in the haunting, barren landscape of ruin with statue-like figures that guide the way.

If it sounds depressing and dark, that’s because it is. Recluse Industries’ sole developer, Martin Wheeler, was inspired to create the game after suffering the struggles of losing his father, saying:

“Inspired by the struggles I’ve had with feelings of loss and depression; Separation is a journey through a barren landscape of ruin, littered with empty shell-like structures. In its symbolism, the game is seeking a path through grief.”

“We’re too connected at times – calm, solitary experiences are becoming rarer in our crowded space. We need those moments more than ever and Separation might be the virtual retreat needed for urban recluses.”

Key Features:

  • With the PlayStation®VR headset, be transported to a place of panoramic desolation and epic solitude
  • Explore vast landscapes and colossal ruins
  • Experience bleak but beautifully atmospheric visuals
  • Find an imprisoned spirit and uncover a mysterious forgotten path
  • Immerse yourself in the ambient electronic soundtrack

Separation releases today on the PlayStation Store for PSVR for £11.99/regional equivalent.

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