Out Today: Ski Jumping Pro VR Brings Winter Sports to PSVR

Out Today: Ski Jumping Pro VR Brings Winter Sports to PSVR

Do you follow the Ski Jumping World Cup? No? Me neither, but if you have a passing interest in flinging yourself off of huge snow ramps for the enjoyment of others and yourself, Ski Jumping Pro VR might be worth a look.

Released today by Kalypso Media as a digital download on the PlayStation Store, Ski Jumping Pro VR gives players the chance to experience all of the thrills of blasting down the snowy runway before launching off the ramp at the end, soaring through the air and, hopefully, landing like a pro. The smart money is on most players landing on their face the first few times, but at least it’s in VR and broken bones won’t be an issue.

As the game’s name suggests, Ski Jumping Pro VR is a VR-only game. It’s available today for PSVR and PCVR headsets for $19.99 and the regional equivalent. Oddly, the PSVR version seems to not support PS Move wand controllers, with the developers opting to use the DualShock 4 as the main input method for PSVR players. I can’t say if that’s a bad thing or not as I’ve not tried the game, but it’s worth pointing out all the same.

There’s a full career mode where you start off as an unknown ski jumper, slowly climbing the ranks to become, well, still an unknown ski jumper. Honestly, how many can you name?

To keep things interesting and to get you back onto the slopes again and again, there are a lot of customisations to unlock so you can craft your own look while you gracefully break your legs on a bad landing. Lovely stuff, I say.


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