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Out Today: Take a Friend on a Series of Heists in Covert for PSVR

White Elk Studios has today released a new PSVR game to the PlayStation Store, and it’s a co-op game that demands you play with a friend or family member. Covert is out today and it sees one player take on the role of Thief using the PSVR headset, while the companion player takes on the role of a hacker using a mobile device, like a phone or tablet. It’s a co-op game through-and-through, and you’ll definitely need a second person to play. If you’re a lonely loner with a tragic past, er, sorry?

Covert was created by former God of War developers, so there’s some talent behind the scenes, and Covert has previously been nominated for several VR gaming awards, so you know you’re in for a good time, providing your co-op player isn’t a total fool. Don’t play with me…

You’ll have to work together and communicate in order to pull off a series of heists that’ll have you sneaking past guards, cracking safes, dodging laser grids and much more. We’re still in the middle of tapping out our review, but it’ll be ready soon if you’re looking for a little guidance.

“With Covert, we want to make a social VR game, where you could take turns sharing VR with your friends and family,” said Jonathan Hawkins, Founder, and President at White Elk.  “Personally, I wanted to create a VR game that I could play with my wife, that focused on communication, trust and having fun together.”

Covert is out today on PSVR and Oculus for the fair price of $19.99/regional equivalent.


  • 6+ hours of gameplay

  • Cooperative: A successful heist cannot be achieved alone!

  • Asymmetric gameplay: Experience the heist as The Thief in VR, or as The Hacker on a mobile device

  • Companion app: Free! Only the VR app requires purchase

  • Online: Play with your friends and family from anywhere

  • Pass-and-play: Introduce your friends & family to the unique and immersive experience of VR, while putting your stealth, communication, and trust to the test!

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