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Out Today: Ubisoft’s Wheel of Fortune Brings Family Quiz Night to PS4

We’re living in strange times. Times so strange that a lot of us are being told to stay inside, don’t go to work, just watch telly and play games. It’s almost a dream come true, except for a nasty virus being the cause of it all.

If you’re stuck at home with your family and you’re looking for something to do other than arguing and make never-ending cups of tea (I’m on #9 for today…) then perhaps Ubisoft’s Wheel of Fortune will keep you busy for a few hours. Or maybe it’ll cause more arguments. Who knows…

Wheel of Fortune comes with over 4000 unique word puzzles, so should you be stuck indoors long enough, you might actually make it through all of them across the variety of game modes, like Classic Mode, Quick Mode, and Family Mode.

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Wheel of Fortune on PS4 won’t be a Game of the Year contender, but it might just give you and your family a few hours of silly laughs. We’re working to see if we can get a review out soon, so if you’re really on the fence, check back with us in a few days.


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