Outbreak: Endless Nightmares

Outbreak: Endless Nightmares’ Updates Leading The Way To Upcoming Expansions

Raising the dead

Outbreak: Endless Nightmares originally dropped back in May this year, where, if you saw our review… well, Chris… absolutely hated it. However, on release Outbreak: Endless Nightmares sold three times more sales at launch than any past Outbreak title.

Due to this support from the community, Drop Dead Studios has been able to completely overhaul many of the main features of the terrifying zombie experience straight after release.

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Many of these recent updates include a revamped 1st and 3rd person view of the game with a new precision aiming feature, strafing, and free look added to assist those of us playing with a controller.

The performance across a variety of platforms has also been optimised which has improved load times on current-gen consoles like PS4, Switch, and Xbox One, as well as getting next-gen consoles those perfect frame rates to make killing zombies feel smoother. We have not been able to verify this ourselves as Chris refuses to put the game back onto his PS5

Visuals and sound effects have supposedly been improved to create a more realistic experience.

Over 20 pieces of community feedback have already been added since its release, turning this intense haul of horror into something that has impressed fans and will continue to keep them on board, especially with two major expansions that are due to release next year.

In spring 2022, Vivification of the Apocalypse will be released and this expansion will reveal the next chapter of Lydia’s story which is set after the events of Endless Nightmare.

Susurrations of the Nexus is also planned to release during the winter of next year, where the ghouls of the Nexus are planning to conjure new nightmares based on events before the Outbreak series.

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In celebration of this, past games of the Outbreak series are currently on sale on the PlayStation Store. You can also pre-order a special physical edition of the game containing the first five Outbreak titles on Limited Run Games.

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