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Outriders Broadcast #3 Introduces the Technomancer Class with New Gameplay

Outriders continues to peel back the layers on its world and characters. Released today on the PlayStation Blog (and YouTube), Broadcast #3 gives us the final playable class. The Technomancer is a powerful Altered focused on ranged combat. As the world of Enoch was stripped of its technology by the “Anomaly”, the Technomancer was given powers to manipulate tech and turn it to their advantage by creating deadly constructs.

The constructs come in multiple flavors of destruction. You can summon a turret that can hit your enemies with cold or toxic damage. The “Pain Launcher” will pummel anything in front of it by dropping a lot of ordnance in a straight line. The construct “Tool of Destruction” will allow you to equip either a missile launcher or minigun.

Beyond summoning guns, the Technomancer’s skills tend toward some specific categories. First, it’s the best class for snipers. It’s also the best at healing, and can use the “Fixing Wave” skill to heal the squad. It’s skills can also interrupt a boss’ skill channeling, and it’s a good class for gamers who will be playing Outriders alone.

Although not the only thing included in today’s presentation, there is a lengthy gameplay video showing the Technomancer in the tough trench warfare. (Pro tip: check your resolution if it looks blurry, because YouTube loves starting everything at 480 when you could be watching it at 4K.) The gameplay looks intense with the squads moving through the trenches and combining skills in some awesome ways.

We don’t yet have a release date for Outriders, but it is coming to the PS4 and PS5 this holiday.

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