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Outriders Developers Discuss Creating a Massive World and Lore for the PS5, PS4 RPG (There’s Even a Book!)

The developers behind People Can Fly and Square Enix’s upcoming cross-gen RPG, Outriders, have taken some time to sit with PlayStation’s Malik Forte to discuss just what goes into creating such a rich world for players to explore.

Bartosz Bieluszko, art director at People Can Fly, was asked what it’s like to have a blank canvas to work on, and he said: “you think it’s terrifying, but from the time that we spend on it, it’s becoming much more interesting and everything is starting to develop itself.”

“We share with people and we are showing this to others and they’re are saying ‘wow this looks cool’ and this is an accomplishment, and that you did a good job. Sometimes we did some design on the concepts and illustration and we show it to the design team and the guys on the tech [team] and say ‘we wanna do that, we wanna do that’ and they try their best to achieve that effect that we want to have.”

Krzysztof Dolas, technical art director, explained why there’s no electricity in the game.

“We had some wacky ideas, like, ‘let’s not put any electricity in the whole game’ because we want to have everything really greenland and botanical because everything is destroyed.”

It’s all very interesting and there are hundreds of years worth of lore inside Outriders, all of which has been documented in a cool book that the developer uses as an internal reference point. You can get a few glimpses of the book in the video up above, and it shows some concept art and other design ideas. I reckon it’d make a cool collectable for fans, so hopefully, it gets put up for sale at some point.

Outriders is set to release on PS5 and PS4, as well as PC, Xbox Series X and Xbox One this holiday season.

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