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Outriders Fails to Cope With Demand on its Launch Day as Login Issues Prevail

Outriders is a cooperative game that probably wants to scratch your Destiny itch. However, for that to be the case, you’ll have to login first – and there lies a problem. 

It isn’t the launch any developer would want. But Outriders is the latest game to suffer a far from perfect release. This time, it isn’t so much the quality of the game that’s causing the problems – just the sheer number of players who are trying to get involved. Which is a nice problem to have until it isn’t. And that time is now as login issues and server failures keep gamers away.

Some were fortunate enough that their persistence eventually paid off to grant them access to the game. But the majority of users have instead been greeted by the “Internet Connection Error” screen. Performance is also far from perfect when it comes to multiplayer action and matchmaking often fails between different platforms. So, Outriders has a few bugs of its own to squash, too.

You’ll be glad to hear that the issues are being looked at by the development team, whilst Square Enix also released a statement, saying:

“We are treating this issue with the highest priority and we are working on patches that will synchronize all platform code, which will resolve these issues.”

However, that currently means PC and consoles can’t play together via cross play (although, Xbox and PlayStation are compatible). And if you do happen to invite one of the forbidden platforms to your game, one of you will be booted out at some point – to which Square Enix suggests just waiting until a patch is released. But that’s not forecast to be happening in the next few days.

All in all, it sounds like Outriders has some potential. But we’ll just have to see if that’s still the case when more people have given it a go.

Source: Reddit

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