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Outrun Monsters and Permadeath in Monstrum Coming May 22

Survival horror game Monstrum dropped a new release date trailer today. It shows your helpless main character running and hiding from a couple of the game’s deadly monsters. After waking up on the ship with no understanding of how you came to be trapped here, you’ll need to stay alive and look for a way to escape.

The game is rigged from the start. Scattered across the procedurally generated ship are some tools and clues for you to find and use, but you’ll always be at a disadvantage. Each of the game’s stalking creatures can only be avoided or distracted. There are no save points, but there are plenty of traps to kill you or cause you trouble. If you die, it’s final, and you’ll need to start again on a newly generated ship.

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Monstrum is stalking and killing a digital release date of May 22nd. A physical release is still planned, but a certain worldwide shutdown is making that very difficult for now. Check out the trailer for a look at the gameplay and do your best to survive when it sneaks onto the PS4 next month.

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