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Outward Was Made with Co-op in Mind

The fourth developer diary for Outward lands on the eve before the game’s release, and it focuses on the game’s co-op modes. If you tire of being the lone nomad, you can play with someone else in co-op. It’s not necessary, but another person can make a very different journey. That different experience is perfectly welcome in Outward.

When you are playing with someone else, you can change how you play. The game scales up to increase the difficulty, but you don’t have to stay together. You only have to both be in the same region. Your different strategies can include changing the backpack size you wear, carrying one set of cooking items to save space, and only having one person use a torch to keep the other ready to fight. The same systems for one person can be used for two if they decide to work together to face the harsh world.

Co-op is online and on the couch. The trailer starts with appreciating this historical feature or physically playing with others, but it’s nice to see a bigger game like Outward embracing it. If online, your character will save all of your items and enter another player’s world with all of your acquired skills. You can even revive another player, but they will need rest to fully heal.

Outward is a strategic, survival, action RPG. You will need to eat and drink, rest, and gain new skills to survive. Survival is not meant to be easy. As a regular adventurer instead of a chosen hero, you won’t have any arrows showing you to your next goal. Your map won’t even show your location, so you will need to use landmarks instead.

Outward won’t hold your hand, but it seems like it will reward players who plan and prepare. You’ll have a chance to survive it alone or with a friend starting March 26th.

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