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Over 20 Minutes of RAGE 2 Gameplay with PlayStation Underground

RAGE 2 is one of the biggest games coming next month. We have been closely watching the heavily edited trailers and enjoying the eye-popping, explosive gameplay. If you want to see more, PlayStation Underground dropped a video with over 20 minutes of gameplay and information for you to scrutinize. Also, explosions. I love me some explosions.

As you watch, you’ll see one of the most important parts of the design. Don’t stand still, because RAGE 2 is not a cover shooter. You will die. It’s mentioned that Doom DNA was mixed into the game, and it shows. When facing down a swarm of mutants in the game, combining powers and guns resulted in an avalanche of speed and neon-drenched destruction. It looked great.

While you watch, you get a taste of abilities, guns, and vehicles in the world. RAGE 2 looks good, but there may have been some pop-in and weird shadow movements. It may also have been my own computer, so who knows. We’ll get a chance to explore the colorful, post-apocalyptic world of RAGE 2 on May 14th.

Until then, let me know what you think of the gameplay in the comments.

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