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OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead is Full of Zombies and Weapons to Kill Them

I have two trailers to share for OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead. The first is a cinematic trailer from the game. For me, this was almost 2 and a half minutes of The Walking Dead universe that was better than anything I have seen in the TV show for a long time. Be honest – it’s been performing it’s Titanic impression for a while.

Back on track, it’s a compact trailer that shows each of your four characters using their weapons, working to accomplish a goal, and fighting against dangerous walkers and humans alike. It’s tense and filled with action, after something goes wrong. When stealth fails, it’s time for a louder approach.

Focusing on weapons, the second trailer gives you an overview of each character and some of their signature weapons. Heather is stealthy with her compound crossbow. Grant is your sniper with his hunting rifle. Maya is a support character that can keep everyone healthy. Aidan is your tank, and uses a shotgun to make holes in the living and the dead.

Choosing a weapon is important. Although you may start with one, there are over 50 in the game. Each will have a use, and you should probably collect some for different situations. Melee is a nonstop slayer with no ammo to consume. Guns are powerful, but, without a suppressor, you will attract a lot of attention. Weapons will break down, so get ready to go to your backup.

If this seems like your next multiplayer obsession, you can pick up OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead in the increasingly crowded month of February.

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