Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4 Are Skipping 2021, But a Great 2022 is Planned For Blizzard

Despite them being two highly anticipated games – albeit with two different audience bases – Activision are adamant that Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2 won’t be launching this year. Instead, they are focusing on more mobile oriented games based on the World of Warcraft franchise, which may distract some fans more than others. It does, however, sound as though they’re definitely scheduled to launch next year – based on the fact that a member of the team promised a great 2022 for Blizzard. So, at least they’re not being shelved indefinitely.

Still, with this being our first year with a new piece of hardware, it would have been nice to see these stalwarts making their next generation debut sooner rather than a later.

The news came via a recent financial call, during which Dennis Durkin (the CFO) relayed their position. And contributions swiftly followed from other key figures, who elaborated on their progress with regards to the projects mentioned above. For starters, Diablo Immortal is still eyeing up a Q4 launch even if Diablo 4 is missing from the slate. And Overwatch 2 met a big development milestone in December as it passed a number of tests that were thrown at it by the team. Finally, the free World of Warcraft mobile experiences are moving into the advanced stages of production – which sounds to me as if they’ll be ready for around the middle of the year.

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But nothing else has been said about the darker return to the roots that is Diablo 4. So, that is something we’ll have to wait a while longer for, unfortunately.

Source: EuroGamer

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