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Overwatch Anniversary Event and Free Weekend Coming Next Week

Overwatch is celebrating their one year anniversary next week, and, in addition to pulling a stale year old cake out of the freezer to eat, they will have a special event starting on May 23rd to share with all their fans. They even made a trailer to look back on some of the team’s favorite moments from last year.

If you are not already hopelessly addicted to Blizzard’s latest drug, you can participate in their free weekend event running from May 26th – 29th. It will allow you to play all the characters and all the levels, so you can spend the weekend seeing if it is the game for you. We would guess that there will be a discount on the game during the event, and all progress made will carry over to the full game.

Overwatch is one of the most popular multiplayer games, and it shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. With a devoted fan base bordering on an almost religious obsession, they have managed to create a community that cares about the characters as much as the actual game. If you have wondered why the game is so beloved, be sure to give it a try next week when it is at the best price possible.

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