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Overwatch Gets Replay Feature on PC, Coming Soon to Consoles

Have you ever played the game of your life on Overwatch, only to realise that you didn’t record it? How are you going to prove your sick gaming skills to your mates if you don’t have the evidence to back it up? You’ll be laughed away and left looking like a right muppet. Thankfully, Blizzard is on the case and has today released a nifty new feature that should keep your victories preserved for all of eternity. Or until the servers get wiped. Whichever.

The new Replay feature rolled out today on the Public Test Real (PTR) on PC. Replays will let you watch back on your previous games from any vantage point you choose. You can watch it all play out as it did the first time in first-person, or you can watch in third-person, or even take a bird’s-eye-view. Your choice.

For the time being, Replays is only available on PC but the press release states that it will be “coming to consoles soon.” In the mean time, just make sure you record every match. You don’t want to be laughed away by your mates, do you?

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