Overwatch Holiday Event Teased on Twitter

Overwatch Holiday Event Teased on Twitter

One thing Blizzard loves to do with their latest creation, Overwatch, is come up with special seasonal events. Lucioball, Halloween content, and now some holiday and Christmas love is on the way thanks to the official Twitter for the game. Today, the account put out a gif telling everyone happy holidays and that some cheer will be coming to Overwatch on December 13th. No details were given but we can assume that there will be special unlockables (costumes, taunts, icons, etc.) from Loot Boxes like before. Time will tell if another special, limited time game mode will be available. Perhaps instead of fighting off a meta Junkrat’s creepy creations, we have to protect Santa from rogue elves who wish him hard? Just a thought.

You can check out the tweet below and definitely let us know what you think about another seasonal addition for Overwatch. Here’s hoping for many red and white suits to lavish our favorite characters with.

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