Overwatch Lost Progress Fix on PS4 Update

Overwatch Lost Progress Fix on PS4 Update

Last week there were reports of progress being lost for Overwatch PS4 players. Apparently, there was a bug that caused some accounts to become corrupted. It changed player settings, levels, stats, credits, skill ratings, and competitive points. For everyone who was worried about the loss, rejoice! Most of it will be restored. The problem itself was quickly corrected and as of today Blizzard reinstated most levels, credits, and competitive points.

However, skill ratings could not be restored. Community Manager, Lylirra, had this to say about it.

Skill Ratings are a little more difficult, and can’t be repaired in the same manner. Unlike levels or currency, your Skill Rating is a dynamic piece of data. As you play, the rating is continuously updated, and the nature of this bug makes it difficult to establish the exact point of failure. So, rather than risking an incorrectly restored Skill Rating, the matchmaking system will use the player data that’s been collected since the failure to calibrate your new rating. Anyone who has not played since their account was affected will simply need to replay their placement matches. This will give our matchmaking system the information it needs to pair you with similarly skilled players.

You can read the whole update here. We’re glad Blizzard was quick to get on this and actually solve the problem. This author has had a number of issues with different games and progress being wiped. Very few could actually restore things as they were. Were you affected? Are things back the way they should be? Let us know Overwatch friends!


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