UPDATE: Overwatch More Than Likely Getting “Halloween Terror Event”

UPDATE: Overwatch More Than Likely Getting “Halloween Terror Event”

UPDATE: We were right! Just goes to show you how good our journalistic abilities are. Blizzard has officially announced the Halloween Terror event and it will last until November 1st. We were right on the nose with the Loot Boxes but we only speculated about a new game mode. Turns out we’re getting a first ever, PVE mode titled Junkenstein’s Revenge.

You and three other people team up to take on creepy enemies, Junkenstein’s Monster, the Reaper, a mysterious witch, shambling zomnics, and even Dr. Junkenstein himself. The story goes that a Dr. Jamison Junkenstein, who was once employed by the Lord of Adlersbrunn, wanted to create artificial life. He was mocked for his dream and eventually dismissed from service. Feeling betrayed, Junkrat…I mean Junkenstein vowed to prove the Lord of Adlersbrunn wrong and get revenge. It’s up to you to choose between Ana, Hanzo, McCree, or Soldier: 76 to defend Adlersbrunn Castle’s doors against the undead onslaught.

And all of this is live right now. So go and play!

ORIGINAL: We say more than likely because there’s been no official announcement from Blizzard. However, Power Up Gaming found a leakedĀ imageĀ on the Xbox Live Marketplace showing Overwatch will be getting the Halloween treatment. The special event will be called Halloween Terror and there will be specially marked loot boxes. They’ll contain at least one skin, spray, highlight intro, emote and victory pose.


The description reads, “Celebrate Halloween with some frightening treats for your heroes during the new event: Overwatch Halloween Terror! Trick out your collection by picking up Halloween Loot Boxes, available for a limtied time. Every Loot Box contains up to four cosmetic items, including at least one Hallowee skin, spray, hightlight intro, emote, victory pose, player…”

Sadly, the rest is cut off. After some digging there’s been no further information but here’s hoping there will be a special game mode just for us trick-or-treaters. Are you excited for an event that has Reaper all giddy? Let us know!

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