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UPDATED: Overwatch Servers Down Due to DDoS Attack

UPDATE #3: Everything is back up and running! Back to Lucioball!

Looks like we’re good to go once more. Apologies for the frustration, folks” –Support Forum Agent, Glaxigrav

UPDATE #2: Reports are coming through that the servers are up and working for some people. Let us know if you’re able to connect!

UPDATE: Turns out a DDoS attack wasn’t to blame for Overwatch servers being down. Although Blizzard was a victim of one, Overwatch connectivity is another matter. We’ll continue to keep you update.

A new game mode and items to earn should have been a great time for PlayStation 4 Overwatch players. Alas, an unspecified group has caused Blizzard servers to crash. There’s been no timetable for their return but social media outlets assure us the situation is being handled. We’ll let you know when they’re back up.


“Hey all,

We are currently aware of a DDoS attack that is currently affecting stability across all games. Our network engineers are working on addressing the issue and resolving the attack as quickly as possible.

At this time, no additional information is needed from players but I wanted to get a thread spun up for discussion while we work to resolve this. I’ll be using this thread to provide updates as well.

Thanks for hanging in there while we deal with this attack!” –Support Forum Agent, Glaxigrav.

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