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Overwatch’s New Map, Horizon Lunar Colony, is Now Live

The newest map for the insanely popular first person shooter Overwatch is called Horizon Lunar Colony, and it’s finally live. It takes place in a scientific base on the moon, which was built many years ago. The base’s goal was to test the effects of prolonged extraterrestrial habitation on both humans and apes. The scientist research was going well … or at least they thought it was, until all contact from the base ceased.

Now, players must return to Horizon Lunar Colony and fight for control of the colony’s facilities, while they search for clues about the fate of its former doomed inhabitants. Or maybe they’ll just run and jump around the map shooting each other in the face, while talking smack. One of the two.

Are you a member of Overwatch’s new world order? If so, tell us what think of the new map.


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