Overwatch’s Newest Character, Ana, Has A Backstory and Gameplay Footage

Overwatch’s Newest Character, Ana, Has A Backstory and Gameplay Footage

Blizzard has finally unveiled Overwatch’s new character and it’s an emotionally charged doozy. Not only is she a founding member of Overwatch and a battle-scarred veteran but also Pharah’s mother. You know, JUSTICE RAINS FROM ABOVE! As the story goes she trained her daughter in the martial arts and was a very proficient sniper. However, she kept the guilt felt from her ability of killing from family and friends. It was made all the more worse when Pharah wanted to join the Overwatch team without realizing the toll it took on her mother.

This affected her next mission greatly and left many to assume Ana had died. She was tasked with taking out another target but hesitated. Big mistake. Her target was Widowmaker, the game’s other sniper. Ana was counter-shot through her right eye and hospitalized for an undisclosed amount of time. Unfortunately, her failure to bring down Widowmaker caused a bunch of innocent civilians to die. Fast forward seven years and Ana is back in action!

Her weapon of choice is the Biotic Rifle. It can fire long-range darts that both health allies or deal draining damage to enemies. Her Biotic Grenade more or less does the same thing but with a much smaller area of effect. Ana’s sidearm might be the bane of all Overwatch gamers though. It can put adversaries to sleep for a short amount of time. We can feel the rage already. Lastly, her ultimate ability, Nano Boost, makes all her team members Captain America…err, I mean super soldiers. They can run faster, deal increased damage, and more resistant to enemy attacks.

Below you can view Ana’s origin and her gameplay debut. We won’t lie and say it wasn’t fun seeing her use the sleep dart on McCree. That annoying cowboy has incapacitated so many of us with his awful flashbang technique.

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