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Overwatch’s Next Hero Isn’t Doomfist (Although He is Mentioned); That Honor Goes to Orisa

Jeff Kaplan issued a, “Hello Everyone” today and this time it came with a new character announcement and reveal. For those hoping it would be Doomfist voiced by Terry Crews, sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Although the villain was specifically mentioned within the origin story of our new compatriot. So we’re fully expecting Doomfist to be the next character added to Overwatch.

During the Omnic War in Overwatch’s mythos, the sentient machines used a model robot called the OR-14 in similar fashion to Bastions. Fast forward to the end of the war and peace between humans and omnics. The great tech city of Numbani uses a new issue, the OR-15, to protect the metropolis. Unfortunately, Doomfist easily had his way with the machine defenders on a terrorist attack at the city’s airport. Enter child genius Efie, who was recently teased by way of a makeshift interview, and her desire to protect her fellow citizens. She retooled an old OR-15, but added so much more to make it a capable and protective guardian. That machine is now known as Orisa and a completely new character to the Overwatch universe.

As usual, Mr. Kaplan revealed and detailed Orisa’s abilities. First and foremost, she’s tank. The Blizzard team wanted a tank that could stay in one are for an extended period of time, or an anchor tank as Jeff described. They wanted Orisa to be just as useful as Reinhardt in the meta. Her primary attack is a Fusion Driver, a projectile-based machine gun. It has great range, a good rate of fire, and a large clip size but Orisa moves slowly when using it. Her alternate fire is Extreme Utility, a move that sends out a pulse and slightly drags those it pinged within view. Kind of like a weak magnet. As for her techniques, she has Ability Fortify and Protective Barrier. The former makes her more or less immovable and especially so against crowd techniques like Phara’s concussive attacks. The latter acts similar to Zarya’s barriers. Orisa can control where the barrier protection goes, is half the size of Winston’s bubble, and acts like every other barrier ability in the game. The ultimate acts like Symmetra’s teleporter or shield generator. Orisa detaches a drum-like object from her back and throws it on the ground. This will damage anyone in the line of sight, but it can be destroyed.

No specific time frame, other than coming soon, was announced for Orisa’s debut date. We can’t imagine it will be too long though. You can check out the ideas and abilities behind our new hero above and her origin story below. Let us know what you think of the new Overwatch hero! Does she have a good design, backstory, and goal set or do you just want to see Doomfist already?

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